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Our expert HMO Architect team will take care of the full HMO development journey for you, from concept, planning & building control, to construction. 

HMO Architect offers many services such as HMO design appraisal, concept drawings and interior design to the highest quality to suit your needs, your ideas, and solve problems.

Property investment is fairly complicated and requires great understanding, professional expertise and a detailed execution plan. 

Several steps are involved in buying property and ensuring it fits your investment strategy.

If a property doesn’t suit your investment goals, you need to know as early as possible so you can avoid costly mistakes

  • Should I do an HMO or Flat Conversion?
  • What should I know about the property before bidding at an auction?
  • Can I fit the desired number of occupants to maximise cash flow?
  • Can I/should I do a Dormer/Loft conversion?
  • Should I buy that property?
  • How do I find a reliable builder?
  • What should I know about Article 4 in your Local Area?
  • Can I get Planning Permission for my HMO or Flat Conversion?
  • Do I need Building Control sign off for my construction work?
  • How do I structure the deal keeping my exit strategy in mind? 
Eliminate hope, doubt, uncertainty and purchase a property like a professional property investor.

The Solution?- Get Pre-Purchase Advice

HMO Planning

Pre-Purchase Advice- How It Works

Step 1:

Visit our website and fill out the ‘Submit Your Project’ form with details of the project you’d like to discuss. You can also book the call online using our booking system.

Step 2:

Have a 1-hour consultation call with our founders, Lead Architect Giovanni Patania and Ryan Windsor to discuss general specific property advice to answer questions like:

  1. How many bedrooms can I fit into this property?
  2. How to optimise the floor plan to fit more bedrooms – while staying compliant and maintaining tenant comfort? 
  3. Can I do a loft or dormer conversion and fit in another bedroom?
  4. Should I put all ensuite bedrooms or some shared?
  5. Can I achieve my exit strategy with ease?


Step 3:

We send you an actionable summary from the call with a follow-up email. With this valuable information, you’re now in a strong position to proceed with a clear understanding of whether this is the right property for you. 

"I had a call with Ryan and Giovanni to discuss my proposed floor plan before purchasing the property. They helped me realise I couldn't fit 7 bedrooms into the property and the deal wouldn't work as an HMO, it would however work as a flat conversion. I was able to renegotiate and get £5k off the asking price. Extremely grateful to Ryan and Giovanni for opening my eyes to new possibilities"
John Burton
Property Investor, London

Pre-Purchase Advice Call - Top Questions

What Is A Pre-Purchase Advice Call?

A Pre-Purchase Advice Call is an opportunity for you to understand key details about the property you’re buying to see if it’s the right deal and fits your investment strategy.
This is a strategy call with our founders, Ryan and Giovanni, to use their experience from consulting with 700+ projects across the UK and help you buy the right property.


Why Do I Need A Pre-Purchase Advice Call?

A Pre-Purchase Advice Call will help you make a better decision about the property you’re looking to buy (or bought) and avoid costly mistakes.
You’ll speak with our experienced founders Ryan & Giovanni to help you decide whether you should buy the property or not.


What’s Covered In Pre-Purchase Advice Call?

A Pre-Purchase Advice Call can be tailored to your individual needs and can cover topics such as:

Feasibility / Viability

  • Should I convert the property into an HMO or Flats?
  • Do my numbers stack up?
  • Is there a demand for HMO tenants in my local area?
  • I’m looking to bid for a property in an auction, what should I know beforehand?



  • How many bedrooms can I fit into this property?
  • How to optimise the floor plan to fit more bedrooms – while staying compliant and maintaining tenant comfort?



  • Can I get planning permission for a change of use?
  • What’s the % planning success rate in this area?
  • Do my rooms meet the minimum standards of regulation?


Building Regulations

  • Do I need Building Control Sign Off for my construction work?
  • How do I do Building Regulation Drawings or Application?
  • Is my HMO fire compliant?


HMO Licencing

  • Do I need a Licence For my HMO?
  • What is the process for getting an HMO Licence?
  • Does the property I’m looking to buy have an HMO Licence?

Building / Construction / Quality Control

  • How do I select a builder?
  • What questions do I ask my builder?
  • How can I make sure the construction work gets completed on time?
  • How to ensure the quality of the construction work is good?
  • Has my builder carried out the work as per my plans?
  • I haven’t heard from my builder in 3 months, what do I do?


Is This A Paid Call?

Yes, this is a paid call.

How Much Does A Pre-Purchase Advice Call Cost?

A 1 Hour Pre-Purchase Advice Call costs £197 (ex. VAT).


If you’re a professional property investor about to buy a property (via an Estate Agent, Auction, Direct To Vendor) or already have a property, this call is for you.

How Long Does A Pre-Purchase Advice Call Last?

A Project Review Call lasts 1 hour.


When Should I Have A Pre-Purchase Advice Call?

HMO Architect recommends you have the Pre-Purchase Advice Call before purchasing a property. However, if you have already purchased the property, we can help optimise the layout to maximise cash flow and suit your investment goals.


What Do I Need To Have A Pre-Purchase Advice Call?

Well, to begin with, we just need some information about yourself and your investment goals.
  • What’s your investment strategy?
  • Area of investment?
  • Details of the property (Rightmove/Zoopla link)
  • Your goals with this property?
If we need any more information, we’ll reach out to you.


How Do I Book A Pre-Purchase Advice Call?

  • Please share your project details via our easy online form.
  • We’ll get in touch to arrange a time to speak that works best for you.

Would You Like to optimise the property floor plan to maximise cash flow?

Book A Pre-Purchase Advice Call Today or Give Us A Call at (+44) 01223 776 997.

Why Clients Trust HMO Architect


We are your Architect & Advisor. With over 15 years of experience investing in HMO’s and Buy-to-Let’s ourselves, we’ve made mistakes and learnt from them. Now we want to advise you so you can avoid costly mistakes.


With over 750+ consultations and 150+ HMO projects completed,  we have a lot of experience with different HMO projects across the country. We help you creatively optimise space to meet your investment goals.


We are your eyes and ears in interactions with the Council, Builders and External Consultants. We report to to you all the time, every time so you can have complete peace of mind knowing your project is in good hands.


We understand how important time is to you. Whether securing a deal, getting planning permission, or designing the layout, time is money and we try our best to complete your project on time and budget to the highest quality. 

Hear From our clients

Eric S De Andrade
Eric S De Andrade
HMO Investor, Sheffield
Read More
Very professional team and great architectural designs for my HMO. They also helped me get planning permission in a very difficult council keeping me updated throughout the process. Loved working with Ryan, Giovanni and the team. Highly recommend them for any architecture work across the country especially HMO and flat conversions.
Andrew McDonald
Andrew McDonald
Credo Living & Investor, London
Read More
Excellent joined up advice from the Directors giving you comfort as a landlord that you’re in very capable hands .
Pallav Sethiya
Pallav Sethiya
HMO Investor, Cambridge
Read More
I was very impressed with Giovanni at WindsorPatania he was friendly and help explain the project to me in a way I could understand. Being a first time investor I really felt he was more like a partner in my team then an architect.
Neil Dillon
Neil Dillon
HMO Investor, Cambridge
Read More
Exceptional service at all stages of the process from Windsor&Patania. They created a vision of a beautiful home from an under-developed heritage property. They led us through a tricky planning and renovation process with care and attention to detail. And then they followed up with quality assurance and spotting as the project was implemented. And they did all of that with a smile and approachability that you can’t find elsewhere. Strongly recommend for anyone looking to build real quality into their project!
Alex Reeve
Alex Reeve
HMO Investor, Norwich
Read More
Fantastic company, since using these guys I won’t go anywhere else. They have really helped me maximise my returns from my property investments without compromising the layout or aesthetics of the buildings. Highly recommend.
James Battershill
James Battershill
Property Investor, London
Read More
Fantastic team, really helpful and great communication! I had a challenging project that another architects could not solve but the team at HMO were able to redesign and get planning approved in 6 months from start. I also appreciated that the directors have been investing themselves. Thanks again, highly recommend the team! James
Amber Johnson
Amber Johnson
Crown Quotes, London
Read More
Excellent architectural practice; honest, informative and creative advice by a team of hardworking, qualified professionals!

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