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If you’re an aspiring HMO Developer planning to convert a property to an HMO, it’s important to ensure your construction work is done right.

Building Control (BC) ensures all property construction work is carried out according to top industry standards. Not doing so endangers the lives and safety of those working on and living within the property.

The consequence may include:

  • The site being stopped by the City Council
  • Massive construction issues on site generating delays
  • Increase of costs during construction due to unforeseen issues
  • Once building control is called on-site by the Council it might demand dismantling part of the completed construction works to examine structural elements, thermal and acoustic insulation and other construction components

To get a smooth Building Control Sign Off and start construction work, you’ll need to supply accurate and detailed Building Regulation Drawings.

Pre-Construction preparation is key for the construction to be completed on budget and on time.

Our expert team can take care of the full HMO development journey for you, from conceptplanning & building control, through to construction.

The Solution?- Building Regulation Drawings

Building Regulation Drawings - How It Works


Step 1:

You get in touch with us via our website regarding your HMO Conversion Plans also sending us any existing plans, history of planning decision notices, construction work and details of what changes you’d like to make to the property. 

Step 2:

We review all the documentation, local regulations and have a call with you to go through the steps on how we can help you. For example, if your plans are ready for use/conversion. If not, we’ll need to do a Measured Survey to get accurate property measurements.

If you’d like to make changes to the Existing Plans, we’ll need to update the Existing Drawings and prepare Concept Drawings.

Based on the plans, we may need to submit a Full Planning Application or can use Permitted Development (PD) Rights.

If you have all of this, we’ll be able to directly proceed with the Building Regulation Drawings. 

Step 3:

Once you have a Certificate of Lawful Development or a Planning Decision Notice, based on your construction plans, we act as your pre-construction negotiator, coordinating with all required consultants (e.g. Fire Safety Engineer, Acoustics Engineer, Structural Engineer).

The big benefit of working with us is, instead of having to liaise with 10 different consultants and coordinate all of them individually, you only have to coordinate with us.

We take over all the time-consuming liaisons with the appointed consultants, saving a massive amount of time so you can focus on getting more deals in the pipeline.

Also, finding and vetting consultants is a time-consuming activity that also needs a certain level of expertise.

We have a list of 500 vetted consultants in the UK who are our trusted partners. So our clients are completely hands-off and we take care of everything.

"These are by far the best Building Regulation drawings I've received. Having previously worked with another architect to prepare these, my drawings for a 10 bed HMO conversion were rejected by Sheffield City Council. Special thanks to Giovanni and his team at HMO Architect for getting me through such a complicated part of the process. So excited to get my tenants in soon."
HMO Investor & Landlord, Sheffield

Building Regulation Drawings - Top Questions

What Are Building Regulation Drawings?

Building Regulation Drawings are a set of drawings submitted to Building Control (BC) showing construction plan details and how they meet current building codes and regulation requirements.

They are a set of architectural drawings which contain a higher level of detail than the concept drawings.

The building regulation drawings must show that the design is compliant with the national building regulation guidance. In particular with the different building regulations “PARTs”, a list of requirements named following an alphabetical order and covering different aspects of the construction.

Our Building Regulation Drawings for HMOs include:

  • Fire equipment elements (Fire doors, smoke detectors, fire alarms, fire call buttons, heat detectors, fire control panels, fire blankets, emergency lights, Carbon Dioxide Detectors, Escape procedures location)
  • Mechanical ventilation extraction points (bathroom ventilation, utility rooms ventilation, kitchen ventilation)
  • Boiler and water tank positioning
  • Thermal insulation
  • Walls build up specifications
  • Floors build-up specifications
  • Roofs build-up specifications
  • Measurements in plans and section
  • Gas Meter Location
  • Electrical meter location
  • Thermostat location
  • Some comments to guide the building team on site

Why Do I Need Buiding Regulation Drawings?

Building Regulation Drawings show the Local Building Control Authority (the body responsible for signing off planned construction work) that the work you plan to do is carried out as per the correct Building Code & Regulation.

This is essential to ensure that any construction work is carried out safely and quality/detail of construction is top-notch.

For example, in larger HMOs (Sui Generis Use Class) with 7+ occupants, it’s important to ensure the acoustics requirements have been considered and signed off by a reputed Acoustics consultant.

Similarly for any structural changes (signed off by a structural engineer), party wall changes (party wall surveyor). This gives the Local Authority confidence that you’re a top-quality Landlord who doesn’t cut corners.


How Do I Know If I Need Buiding Regulation Drawings?

You’ll need Building Regulation Drawings if you’re planning to do any non-standard construction work on your property including changing the floorplan, layout etc. 

This varies on a case-by-case basis so please speak to us to discuss your specific use case. 


What’s Covered In The Building Regulation Drawings?

The Building Regulation Drawings cover everything you need from a technical perspective to get your Construction Plans signed off by the Local Building Control Authority.

We act as your pre-construction negotiator.

These include (but are not limited to)

  • Detailed drawings showing all planned construction work on the property for a smooth sign off by Building Control.
  • Key considerations and consultant coordination based on specific design and construction plans for e.g. acoustics consultant, party wall surveyor, structural engineer, fire safety engineer.
  • Amendments and changes to the drawings as requested by the Building control


Everything your project needs to get signed off by Building Control.

Note – Having done over 150+ HMO Projects, we ensure the correct level of detail required by the Local Building Control for a smooth sign off of your construction plans. 

Is This A Paid Service?

 Yes, this is a paid service.

How Much Does The Building Regulation Drawings Cost?

 Our Building Regulation Drawings Service Fee starts from £1,200 (ex. VAT) and varies depending on the type and complexity of the property.
The actual Application fee varies by Council and is paid by the Client.

Who Pays The Application Fees For The Building Regulation Application?

The Client covers the application fees associated with the Building Regulation Application.
The Consultant Fee (Fire Safety Engineer, Acoustics Consultant, Party Wall Surveyor etc) is also paid by the Client. 

How Long Does The Building Regulation Drawings Take?

We can prepare the Building regulation drawings in a couple of weeks for a 6 bed HMO, 1-2 months is more for a 12 bed HMO.
In general, the liaison with other consultants and implementation of their comments takes the most time. Plus we need to do the building control application.
It takes us around 1-2 months to prepare your Building Regulation Drawings assuming you have the correct measurements and drawings, plans.
If you do not have these, then we’ll need to do a Measured Survey followed by Existing Drawings and Concept Drawings (if any changes).

When Should I Get Building Regulation Drawings Done?

We always recommend our clients to get the Building Regulation Drawings done at the Pre-Construction Phase. 


Do You Go On-Site To Do The Building Regulation Drawings?

No, we do NOT go on-site to do the Building Regulation Drawings.
The external consultants may occasionally request access to the property for the site visit to carry out specific tests and other tasks they deem necessary for a sign-off.  
Building Control may also include some site visits. 

I’m Ready To Start, What Do I Do Next?

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The HMO Lifecycle - Building Regulation Drawings

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Hear From our clients

Eric S De Andrade
Eric S De Andrade
HMO Investor, Sheffield
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Very professional team and great architectural designs for my HMO. They also helped me get planning permission in a very difficult council keeping me updated throughout the process. Loved working with Ryan, Giovanni and the team. Highly recommend them for any architecture work across the country especially HMO and flat conversions.
Andrew McDonald
Andrew McDonald
Credo Living & Investor, London
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Excellent joined up advice from the Directors giving you comfort as a landlord that you’re in very capable hands .
Pallav Sethiya
Pallav Sethiya
HMO Investor, Cambridge
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I was very impressed with Giovanni at WindsorPatania he was friendly and help explain the project to me in a way I could understand. Being a first time investor I really felt he was more like a partner in my team then an architect.
Neil Dillon
Neil Dillon
HMO Investor, Cambridge
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Exceptional service at all stages of the process from Windsor&Patania. They created a vision of a beautiful home from an under-developed heritage property. They led us through a tricky planning and renovation process with care and attention to detail. And then they followed up with quality assurance and spotting as the project was implemented. And they did all of that with a smile and approachability that you can’t find elsewhere. Strongly recommend for anyone looking to build real quality into their project!
Alex Reeve
Alex Reeve
HMO Investor, Norwich
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Fantastic company, since using these guys I won’t go anywhere else. They have really helped me maximise my returns from my property investments without compromising the layout or aesthetics of the buildings. Highly recommend.
James Battershill
James Battershill
Property Investor, London
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Fantastic team, really helpful and great communication! I had a challenging project that another architects could not solve but the team at HMO were able to redesign and get planning approved in 6 months from start. I also appreciated that the directors have been investing themselves. Thanks again, highly recommend the team! James
Amber Johnson
Amber Johnson
Crown Quotes, London
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Excellent architectural practice; honest, informative and creative advice by a team of hardworking, qualified professionals!

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