HMO Webinar - HMOs and Sui Generis Sourcing Essentials

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Why Locating and Appraising Potential HMO Properties is Crucial

Are you ready to dive into the world of HMOs but unsure where to start?

The key to a successful HMO investment lies in finding and evaluating the right property. But how do you ensure you’re picking the best one?

Think about it: what if you could streamline this process with a proven method? Imagine having a framework that helps you identify high-potential properties, evaluate them accurately, and make informed decisions. This is where our webinar comes in.

Do you know what makes an HMO property profitable?

It’s not just about the location. It’s about understanding market demand, property size, layout, and compliance with local regulations. Without a solid method, you could miss critical factors that affect your investment’s success.

Our webinar will teach you how to spot the right properties and appraise them effectively.

We’ll share top sourcing strategies and a deal analyser tool to simplify your evaluations.

You’ll learn how to identify properties suitable for dormer extensions, en-suites, and kitchenettes. Ensure compliance with planning, building control, and licensing.

Join us and turn potential properties into profitable HMOs with confidence. 

Sign up and mark your calendars for the 27th of June at 18:00 BST for an in-depth session covering all you need to know about HMOs and Sui Generis Sourcing.

Spaces are limited, so head over to our website and secure your spot today for this can’t-miss event.

Can’t make it? No worries!  Purchase an Elite ticket, and we’ll send you the full recording, available for you to watch anytime.


Discover the Top HMO Sourcing Strategies

Master Our HMO Deal Analyser and Get Your Free Copy

Learn How to Identify the Right Property Size for Dormer Extensions

Learn How to Identify the Right Property Size for En-Suites and Kitchenettes

Evaluate HMO Compliance: Planning, Building Control and Licensing

Learn from our HMO Sourcing Case Studies


Click the button below to learn all about HMOs and Sui Generis Sourcing. Gain professional insights to make informed HMO investment decisions.

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With over 20 years of experience in development and property investment, Giovanni and Ryan will give you professional, sound advice on making the right HMO investment decisions. 

We want to share our extensive knowledge with you.

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MEET GIOVANNI, your webinar host

Picture of Giovanni Patania

Giovanni Patania

(Architect Director, Co-Founder)

Giovanni Patania is the Lead Architect and Co-Founder at HMO Architect and Windsor Patania Architects.

Originally from Siena, Italy, Giovanni worked as a Project Lead Architect at Foster+ Partners, designing Apple stores across the world,

An HMO Investor himself, Giovanni understands property thoroughly, both from an investor's perspective and technically, as an Architect.

With over 15 years of HMO development experience, working on over 150+ HMOs and a 95% Planning and Building Regulation success rate, Giovanni has the expertise and credentials to help you on your HMO journey."


Don’t worry! We have plenty of other webinars coming up, covering the wide spectrum of common hurdles property investors have to face. Whether you’re looking to develop an HMO from scratch or want to know more about best practices and safety regs, we’ve got you covered.

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