Our flat conversions

5 flats
4 nyanza terrace

Our client appointed us to improve the design of a property used as a Victorian Guest House called “The White House” to convert it into 5 modern flats with a contemporary interior design.

2 flats
Fulham palace road

Our client appointed us for the residential conversion of his existing flat into 2 new flats with an L-shape dormer extension.
Our team´s goal was to manage the interior design, building control and get approval from the council and heritage office, which they got in the 1st round.

11 fLATS
6 townhouses

Parish mews

Our team took over the project to succeed in building regulation, reconfigured the complete drawings sets and strategist with the client on the residential development steps to reduce risks during construction, dividing it into 3 phases:
• Phase 01: Dental clinic into 3 flats
• Phase 02: Council building into 8 Flats
• Phase 03: Boxing Gym into 6 new townhouses

12 flats
Ashton methodist church

An HMO can achieve a high quantity of bedroom units in some circumstances, like this project. Our HMO Architect team converted a Methodist Church into a 12 Flats, including enough amenities that create a better environment for the occupants.

13 flats
hope church

For our HMO Architects, designing the residential conversion of a  Methodist Church called makes a challenging construction but immensely rewarding. Our team aim to convert a Church built in the 20th Century into a 13 new modern residential flats.

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