Our Co-Living projects

With our design changes and proposed upgrades for the conversion of a Nightclub into 12 beds HMO, our client managed to achieve a monthly rental income of £5,000 PCM and a valuation of £750,000

8 beds hmo

Getting the HMO Licence on an 8 beds House in Multiple Occupations can be challenging. For this reason, our HMO Architect team made sure to put in place the Fire Strategy of this property even before submitting the Full Planning Application for the Sui Generis Large HMO conversion.

7 beds hmo
Norman road

Our team of HMO Architect develop the interior design for this property, creating a unique and valuable 7 beds HMO, building a new brand and providing memorable experiences to stand out from the local competition.

24 beds hmo

An HMO can achieve a high quantity of bedroom units in some circumstances, like with this project. Our HMO Architect team managed to convert a former police station dated 1800 into a Large Sui Generis HMO, including all bedrooms with en-suites. Our experience working together with the Council Planning Officer has been crucial to getting the planning approval for this development.

10 beds hmo
239 Guildford Rd.

Working on HMO projects often includes developing mixed-use schemes like this one. This property includes an Italian restaurant and a tattoo shop on the ground floor. At the same time, the large Sui Generis HMO occupies the first floor, the second floor and a generous double-storey rear extension.

16 flats

Working with different projects often includes developing mixed-use schemes, like this one.  Our team of HMO Architect designed the conversion of this old building used as offices into 16 flats between one-bedroom, maisonettes and studio flats.

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