Meet your hmo mentors

HMO Mentors

Take your HMO investment journey to the next level

If you are looking for guidance on how to start or boost your HMO journey, you might be interested in our HMO mentoring service.

By working with us you will learn:

1. How to find and master an investment area suitable for the HMO strategy
2. How to analyse a potential HMO deal
3. How to extract value from a property (more than discounts!)
4. How to refinance and raise funds to purchase and scale-up
5. How to manage an HMO effectively (planning, refurbing, letting and maintaining)
6. How to manage the HMO cashflow
7. Where and how to get the best deals (year after year!)
8. How to future proof your HMO from the changing market demand
9. How to deal with Building Teams
10. How to project manage an HMO development

You will also have access to our valuable HMO cashflow calculation templates and

HMO Investment Reports. By working with us you
will benefit from our wide architectural experience of delivering over 100 HMO projects for our Clients.