Ultimate Guide To HMO Due Diligence In Article 4 Areas – 1/2


Reading Time: 7 minutes As an investor, how do you make sure your investment has the potential to give you a good return?  Whether you’re buying stocks or houses, you likely do your due diligence.  An example in stock investments could be looking at the financial health of a company, growth rate of the industry, P/E ratio and other […]

How To Draft An Effective HMO Tenancy Agreement? (Guest Post)

Reading Time: 9 minutes When drafting your HMO Agreement your ambitions to become an HMO Landlord come to fruition.  It’s an important step and drafting a thorough and robust agreement will make your experiences as an HMO Landlord as easy as possible. Your HMO Agreement will afford you the most protection where you might have issues with tenants so […]

The Ultimate HMO Room Sizes Guide

hmo room sizes guide

Reading Time: 6 minutes     When it comes to House of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) there’s no doubt that there’s an interest in maximizing returns while still offering quality living standards. These two elements can be tricky to combine, for this reason, we combined them for you in the ultimate HMO Room Sizes Guide.   In the following post, […]

Creating a HMO Tenancy Agreement

tenancy agreement

Reading Time: 2 minutes You’re taking on various legal obligations as an HMO landlord, and protecting yourself against future claims and disputes is fundamental.  There are lots of free, downloadable tenancy agreements that can be found online, however, it’s imperative you use an agreement suitable specifically for an HMO property; a standard single-let agreement will not suffice.  Laws and […]

How To Utilise Space To Maximise Returns In A HMO (Webinar)

utilise space

Reading Time: 4 minutes Last week our very own Giovanni Patania took part in a Qandor webinar as a guest speaker. Alongside Giovanni was host Mike Frisby, an accomplished property investor, developer and HMO landlord and Jeremy Ashworth, a developer whose projects include multiple flat conversions in West London. The aim of the webinar was to provide insight into […]

Are Buy To Lets Worth It? (BTL vs HMO vs Apartments)

are buy to let worth it

Reading Time: 3 minutes There are a whole host of options available to rental property investors but are buy to lets worth it? They can certainly create high yields and are an excellent long term, tax-efficient investment, but owners should weigh up the pros and cons before jumping into such a big decision. There are legal & capital gains […]