Interior design ideas for HMO properties

Reading Time: 7 minutes The HMO market is full of competitors as the number of HMO property investors increases. And whether you are an established HMO landlord or just starting your HMO properties journey, you need to develop a strategy to attract the type of tenant you want, reduce voids and ensure a steady cash flow. Interior design is […]

Building Regulation Drawings

Building Regulation Drawings Want To Start Your HMO Construction Work? Get Building Control Sign Off With Reliable Building Regulation Drawings If you’re an aspiring HMO Developer planning to convert a property to an HMO, it’s important to ensure your construction work is done right. Building Control (BC) ensures all property construction work is carried out […]

HMO Licence Renewal

HMO Licence Renewal2

HMO Licence Renewal Need To Renew Your HMO Licence or Refinance? Make Sure You Have The Correct Use Class To Avoid Huge Fines & Closure If you’re an HMO Landlord, it’s important you have the correct Use Class and Permission to operate your property as an HMO. With regulations now more strict than ever, Councils […]

Pre Planning Application

Pre- Planning Advice Application Can You Convert Your Property Into An HMO? Get Specific Advice From The Council Before A Full Planning Application Are you looking to convert a property into an HMO and unsure if it needs planning permission or comes under Permitted Development? Well, you can now seek specific advice regarding your development […]

Full Planning Application

Full Planning Application Need Full Planning For Your HMO Conversion? Don’t Just Submit An Application, Hope & Pray Make The Council Your Design Partner    If you’re looking to change your property’s Use Class e.g. C3 (Single Family) to C4 (HMO) and can’t use Permitted Development Rights (PD), you’ll need to submit a Full Planning […]

Concept Drawings

Concept Drawings Looking To Increase Your HMO Rental Income? Maximise Your Available Space With Creative Concept Drawings If you’re looking to Maximise your HMO Rental Income and Valuation, you need an efficient and well-optimised layout. Whatever kind of property it may be, a church, pub, theatre, police station, nightclub, or single-family to HMO or Flat […]

Interior Design

Interior Design Want To Attract Quality Long Term Tenants? Make Your HMO Look Like A Million Bucks With Stunning Interiors Are you looking to make your HMO stand out from the competition? The HMO market is getting competitive by the day and tenant expectations are higher than ever.  So how do you stand out? High-Quality Interior […]

Existing Drawings

Existing Drawings Looking To Convert Your Property Into An HMO? Wait! Before You Start, You Need Reliable Existing Drawings If you’re looking to make changes to a property, one of the first things you need are Reliable Existing Drawings.  Without it, you can’t reliably make design changes and improvements to the layout to maximise cash […]