Ultimate Guide To HMO Due Diligence In Article 4 Areas – 1/2


Reading Time: 7 minutes As an investor, how do you make sure your investment has the potential to give you a good return?  Whether you’re buying stocks or houses, you likely do your due diligence.  An example in stock investments could be looking at the financial health of a company, growth rate of the industry, P/E ratio and other […]

How To Draft An Effective HMO Tenancy Agreement? (Guest Post)

Reading Time: 9 minutes When drafting your HMO Agreement your ambitions to become an HMO Landlord come to fruition.  It’s an important step and drafting a thorough and robust agreement will make your experiences as an HMO Landlord as easy as possible. Your HMO Agreement will afford you the most protection where you might have issues with tenants so […]

Make Your House Your Dream Home (Renovations101 Summit)


Reading Time: 9 minutes Planning a renovation or building your dream home is very challenging. This summit provides important tips for running your project smoothly and nicely. The summit hosted 5 guest speakers. Each one covered a different area of renovations and interiors. Following you will find worthy advice on how to plan, budget, save money, and hire professionals. […]