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The future of HMO properties

Reading Time: 7 minutes Getting to grips with the property investment business can be a challenge, especially with what’s happening in the economy today. There are differing views on

Interior design ideas for HMO properties

Reading Time: 7 minutes The HMO market is full of competitors as the number of HMO property investors increases. And whether you are an established HMO landlord or just

Benefits of HMO Property Investment

Reading Time: 5 minutes What are the benefits of HMO property investment and what are the next steps that you can take to make your investment worth while?

hmo room sizes guide

The Ultimate HMO Room Sizes Guide

Reading Time: 6 minutes When it comes to House of Multiple Occupation (HMOs) there’s no doubt that there’s an interest in maximizing returns while still offering quality living standards.

tenancy agreement

Creating a HMO Tenancy Agreement

Reading Time: 2 minutes You’re taking on various legal obligations as an HMO landlord, and protecting yourself against future claims and disputes is fundamental.  There are lots of free,